Exhale Celebrates Abortion Wellbeing Month

Four years ago, Exhale declared April “Abortion Wellbeing Month,” because we want to promote the emotional health of our community.

Each April is a special time when those with personal abortion experiences and their allies can come together to honor and acknowledge the importance of wellbeing.

Women with personal abortion experiences are too often told how to feel or judged for feeling certain ways. Allies are too often unsure how to acknowledge and support those with personal experiences.

This month is a time when, together, we can raise awareness that emotions of all kinds after abortion are common; and that feeling heard, supported and respected - without judgment - is important to the wellbeing of every woman who has an abortion.

“Understanding the whole picture of abortion in our lives is significant for our health and wellness after abortion,” Aspen Baker, Founder and Executive Director said. “Each of us is more than just one person with our own thoughts and feelings—we are members of our families and communities. We’re in relationships. We experience nature. We share faith and spiritual beliefs. And abortion, while an event that happens in our body, is connected to so much more of who we are and what we believe in the world.”

Join us in celebrating wellbeing, connectedness, compassion, respect for those with personal abortion experiences by modeling the change you want to see in the world:

Throughout the month we’ll share more stories and opportunities to engage with our community and one another to spread the word about abortion wellbeing!

Update: Four inspiring blogs are now published as part of our Abortion Wellbeing Month series:

Join us in celebrating our wellbeing and working together to change the culture around abortion by signing up for all our Abortion Wellbeing Updates!

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