Bill Falls, Star Volunteer

posted April 25, 2017

For National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we’d like to highlight one of our veteran volunteers, Bill Falls!

Bill has been assisting Exhale with Operations for more than five years, and is no stranger to the field. Bill’s women’s rights advocacy began in the 1960s when he realized a collegiate peer of his could not get the position she deserved because she was a woman. He later became an active member of the National Organization for Women, served as an abortion clinic escort for 17 years, and finally joined the National Abortion Federation (NAF).

Bill found Exhale through his wife, Rachel Falls. She was a very dear friend and ally of Exhale, and the Hotline Director at NAF. Unfortunately after a long battle with brain cancer, Rachel passed away. She was a true pro-voice champion: integrating post-abortion counseling into NAF’s services, collaborating with Exhale staff to train others in the field, and becoming a vocal advocate for the emotional wellbeing of women who've had abortions. Bill continues the good work she believed in to this day.

Thank you Bill, for years of advocacy and support!

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Just wanted to let Bill know that all he's doing is very important to the whole community. He has more volunteering experience than most of us, which itself is something wonderful when you think about it. Truly one of most warm-hearted person among us.

Wish you all a great day,
Frank K. from

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