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posted October 28, 2016

Rev. Susan Chorley, Exhale co-founder and board member is sharing her story in Parents Magazine as a mother who has had an abortion. Susan, an ordained Baptist minister, is featured with her son Franz and ex-husband Frank as she shares her family’s experience.

Susan has set out on a tour telling her story from the pulpit at churches around the country. We know that so many who’ve had abortions don’t feel they can bring their whole selves to church and we are working with Susan to change that. She will be preaching about leaving shame outside the door of the church.



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Pro-Voice Tour in the Media

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Upcoming Events


February 22: Seattle First Baptist Church, Seattle, WA

February 25: Emmaus House, Olympia, WA

March 5: University Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN


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Past Events


November 13: First Baptist Church, Salt Lake City, UT



"Rev. Chorley’s honest reflection and willingness to be vulnerable is a testament to her faith and to how much she believes that the church can and will be a place where women can turn to receive love, support, nurture and acceptance for women who have had abortions.  She calls us in the church to live into our highest ideals by demonstrating to us what grace looks like and how it has been her salvation, but also how the church has, at times, failed to be there when needed the most.  Susan’s gift for preaching and powerful message make a lasting impact on anyone who comes to hear what the spirit is saying through her."

-- Rev. Curtis Price, Pastor


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November 2: Sanctuary Boston, Boston, MA


"Susan spoke movingly about her own story in a way that invited more conversation, more understanding, and more grace."

-- Matt Meyer, Worship Leader


"It was refreshing to hear Rev. Chorley speak so openly about her decisions and experiences. She brought a difficult topic into conversation and allowed us to all hold her vulnerability. I am grateful for the way in which Rev. Chorley delivered her message."

-- Kate Froehlich, Srudent at BU School of Theology



August 7: St Stephen's Episcopal Church, Boston, MA



"Susan's warm strength blew open doors in our congregation. It is a challenge to find ways to talk openly about what is so personal and often so painful. Susan modeled a faithful, courageous, Christian approach to understanding abortion not as a "political issue," but a human experience that we as a community live and struggle with in our own lives."

-- Reverend Marisa Egerstrom


"Susan's sermon meant so much to the people of St. Stephen's. Her courage, honesty and authentic witness to the love of Christ resonated with our congregation. She brought to light through her own story the painful places we are reluctant to acknowledge, and shined the light of God's healing power into our doubts and hurt and shame. We were very grateful for her presence among us and for her willingness to speak with clarity on such an important topic, using it as a way to talk about the potential for transformation that is open to us through our faith."

-- Reverend Timothy E. Crellin, Vicar


July 31: Lakeshore Ave Baptist Church in Oakland, CA

"Believe at the very depths of your soul that your liberation is important. That it is connected to everyone's liberation."
-- Reverend Chorley on sharing stories in a church setting
"As Susan told her story the words  of Jesus that came into my mind were "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Susan talked about hard things in an open and gentle way, a way that invited us to come together and to reason together."
-- H. James Hopkins, Pastor
June 26: First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain, MA



"Susan speaks with grace and wisdom about a topic that many want to avoid: abortion. She addresses the reality and pain of her own experience with openness and great faith. Most importantly Susan invites all of us to find strength in our most vulnerable places."

-- Reverend Ashlee Wiest Laird



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