Expand Pro-Voice with Exhale

We are experiencing an unprecedented time of fear and division in our country, and our heartfelt engagement is necessary to support the narratives of those whose voices, stories, and experiences are being overlooked or suppressed.

As I reflect on this reality, I am reminded what a gift Exhale has been for so many -- including myself. Exhale’s nonjudgmental, pro-voice approach continues to be a shining light in the darkness of harmful rhetoric about our bodies and reproductive agency. The vicious headlines, the religious and political arguments about women and reproductive healthcare, all stand in opposition to the actual experiences of those who have abortions.

Our job at Exhale is to continue reminding the world that women and others with abortion experiences deserve respect and care, that complicated feelings are normal, and that we are never truly alone. Together we can be stronger than the power and money invested in the political and religious fight.

This means Exhale needs greater connections, networks, and financial support to offer a real alternative grounded in community and perseverance.

We cannot do this alone. Your help is needed for Exhale to survive and thrive.

Exhale’s board has set a $60,000 fundraising goal for the next two months so that we can expand our work. With your support, we will:

  1. Provide pro-voice trainings on college campuses
  2. Host webinars featuring movement-builders who are using pro-voice practices in their work
  3. Convene pro-voice training and affinity groups for clergy and reproductive healthcare providers
  4. Produce pro-voice abortion storytelling events focused on motherhood, domestic violence, faith, and immigration
  5. Transition our direct service counseling program to a new platform utilizing today’s technology to build a broader network of post-abortion support

Exhale is in a time of transition and we need to know that you are arm in arm with us. It is through the power of pro-voice that we will build stronger communities of resilience. We have learned over the last 15 years that abortion experiences can be catalysts for transformative change. With our lived truths we can move boldly forward to engage with individuals and communities that desire more hope, more connection, and more opportunity for all.

Join us!

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Exhale is a 501(c)3 organization (EIN/tax ID: 94-3393719)