How to #StoptheStigma

See how storysharing has shaped conversations about abortion across the country

You were first in line at Obvious Child. You’ve already tweeted about how important it is to #StopTheStigma.

Now what? Is it possible to generate more supportive conversations about personal abortion experiences?

Thanks to you, I can say without a doubt: YES!

Last year, 5 storytellers hit the road with Exhale and spoke about their personal abortion experiences on college campuses, in churches and community organizations across the U.S. While we were hopeful, we had no idea what to expect. Our counselors had witnessed how pro-voice nonjudgmental listening and storysharing made a difference on our talkline, but this was new territory.

Learning for Action conducted a year-long independent evaluation of our storysharing initiative, surveying audience members and storytellers…and the results are in!

Check out the infographic below with key highlights from the report, and share it with your friends on Facebook to show pro-voice in action.


Even without these hard numbers, I know everyone in the room felt we were witnessing something special at each workshop. I'll never forget a particular young man at a faith-based university who said, “I am forever changed. I will now think of abortion as a human experience.” We hear he's a remarkably different student today.

From day one, Exhale’s Storysharing Initiative was about putting the storyteller—the woman who had an abortion—front and center. If we support her leadership, she can lead the way in changing how we talk about abortion. It was these leaders' ability to show empathy and respect to strangers who disagreed with them that allowed for connections across difference to grow.

Check out these exciting findings and more from the Sharing Our Stories Tour in this infographic—and share it on Facebook to shape new conversations.

This infographic is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more information about the documentary set to release next year about the Tour. 

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