26 years old: In clinic Vacuum aspiration full sedation! Very positive experience

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Submitted by: Anonymous

I am 26 years old, a full time university student living in a tiny studio apartment with a stable partner of 9 years and I honestly have no plans of raising a kid under these circumstances. This was my first pregnancy and we knew right away we were going to abort (no second thoughts). I had a roller coaster of emotions and I’ve cried so much, depressed and felt so horrible for being in this situation. I was honestly so scared about the pain of abortion, but little did I know, it wouldn’t even hurt a 2 on a 10 scale! Not even 1 actually.

I had a very positive experience at Planned Parenthood, Chicago. Honestly ladies, it is better to know less as the procedure itself isn’t scary at all! I made the mistake of completely researching and watching graphic videos online (easily found on youtube). But as I went ahead in my abortion journey, I realized that these are false messages and scary rumours spread by Pro-lifers.

I went to a nearby Women’s wellness centre as soon as I got to know I was pregnant. It turned out to be a shady institute run by pro-lifers. I was made to watch documentaries detailing gruesome horrific side effects and consequences of abortion (which was mainly to scare young people like us) and there were models/pictures of fetus everywhere! I highly suggest everyone to avoid places like this and head to places where you can make your decision without any guilt or influence. I was disgusted and traumatized by the comments the pro-lifers had stated. One lady who called me suggested I put a gun to myself!! I honestly wish I could report them for this abuse!

On the day of the abortion, I was instructed not to eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the procedure. Being a water-addict, this was one of the toughest things I did! I was more worried about being dehydrated than the actual procedure! When you arrive at the clinic be prepared to wait few hours. Come prepared with a good book, videos, netflix, whatever helps to keep you occupied. First they perform a vaginal ultrasound, which is just uncomfortable, not painful at all. Then they test to check your blood type and if you are anaemic. Then we have a consultation where options are discussed. They ask your concerns and ask if any birth control measures are required. Following this, they give you 3 tablets (with a glass of water) to avoid infections and cramps.

After a wait of 45 minutes, I was called inside and told to remove my panty and put a pad. As I had opted to be fully sedated, an anesthesia doctor put an IV into my arm and spoke to me. I felt a gush of chemical in my nose and the next thing I remember I was in the recovery room. I woke up all dazed and confused, I knew the procedure was done as I was wearing my underwear with the pad again. I honestly remember nothing. There was no pain for the next 24 hours. Not even mild cramping or discomfort. I feel fully normal.

I was starving and thirsty. I binge ate a lot, watched a movie and spent the day without any issue. I had no bleeding or discomfort or pain (I did take Ibuprofen as suggested).

I’m glad I chose this method and if it’s your first time and you are mortified of the pain and procedure, opting for full sedation is the best way! It does cost extra but if you can opt for it, it will save you the trauma and you don’t remember anything!

Thanks for reading through my experience. I have zero regrets and feel very thankful to Planned Parenthood for being so kind and helpful to me through this journey!

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