4 Months After Abortion

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Ever since my abortion last November, I’ve had to stop going on social media. People announcing pregnancies make me tearful. It seems like I think of this loss more often than I thought I would.

At first, I was unbothered. I still feel like I have a third baby somewhere. I’ll just never meet him or her. Would’ve know the gender by now had I kept it.

It amazes me how saddened I am by it, even knowing I wasn’t financially ready for a third baby. I guess it’s a lose, lose situation. I haven’t felt the same since this abortion. Definitely not myself, whoever that was…. this experience changed me. RIP angel baby

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3 responses to “4 Months After Abortion”

  1. Kailey

    I feel the exact same way seeing people’s pregnancy announcements & seeing babies. You’re not alone & you chose what was best for you in that situation given you weren’t financially stable enough. I hope you find peace and comfort one day with grieving♥️

  2. Ashley

    Same for me also. Went through with the abortion almost a year ago and I can’t help but think I would’ve been holding them in my arms now. All my friends are posting their pregnancies and that was my first time being pregnant. I feel like it ruined me wanting to have kids in the future. They were my one and only.

  3. Morgan

    I feel the same way about going on social media. Or even talking with friends about babies and pregnancies. Take the time to feel these emotions and one day, you’ll find a place of peace amongst the sadness. -Xo

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