Feeling Regret

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Submitted by: Anonymous

I just had my abortion today and I am already feeling like I made a huge mistake. My marriage is on the rocks and I was fearful it would either end it for good or I would end up a single parent. It’s very selfish of me because I could financially be a single parent, but I didn’t want to do it physically or emotionally. I was scared and thought this was the best way out.

I had regrets when I was at the clinic and I told the nurse, and she said I could go home but I didn’t listen. I sat there until I felt slightly better. I should have just gone home. If I had, I wouldn’t have done it. Now I’m afraid I’m going to regret this the rest of my life. That was my last chance to have a baby and I threw it away. I’ve always wanted a baby. I am trying to reach out to counselors and friends but I just wish I could go back in time. I don’t know how I’m going to move on.

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  1. EmilyKim

    Sending lots of love your way. Hang in there. Time can help with the healing process for your mind and your body. I too go through my ups and downs (1 month out) but just have to remind myself to focus on all the opportunities and things I will do in my life ahead. I’m learning to accept that I can’t live my life looking backwards. Please hang in there – we’ll get through this difficult time.

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