Here We Go Again

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So I’m back.

you may have read my story about me saying I had an abortion the next day. Just to reiterate, I’m 26 years old and have a one year old daughter. I previously had cancer and clotting problems when I was sick and pregnant.

I found myself pregnant again and went in to get an abortion. However, due to medical history I had to get a medical clearance from my oncologist. I was so upset because now another person has to know what I had to do. A week and a half later I got the clearance, rescheduled my appointment and went back once again.

Because I had already filled out the paperwork and counseling it went fairly quick, when I was waiting in the back I talked to a woman who said it wouldn’t be that bad considering I gave birth before. I was the first to see the doctor considering and I was grateful, I chose iv sedation. They gave me a shot and told me to breathe, I felt the speculum and the 2 shots to my uterus felt like cramping. The suction felt like a pulling like everything I read said, the worst part was the scraping. It lasted a few minutes (a few gasps) and once it was over they told me I did really well.

Once in the recovery I ate some crackers and drank some water, I felt so much better. I opted to see the ultrasound and keep pictures of before the procedure and after. It’s been a couple hours and I feel better, happy that it’s over with but I feel some sadness will follow. I won’t ever forget and I don’t regret my decision however like I said previously in my last submission, I’m just sad that I had to make this decision at all.

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