Surgical abortion 9 weeks 5 days

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Submitted by: Tay

Before my appointments, I researched everything I could for abortions and reviews helped the most, so I’m hoping that this will also help someone.

I’m 22 and in a happy relationship but when I found out I was pregnant, my fiancé and I both decided that we were in no way ready for a child. I made my appointment the next day and had my 1st visit 2 weeks later. I chose a surgical abortion because I heard some pretty rough stories about the pill and I have bad anxiety so I knew I would be worried that everything was going wrong.

The 1st appointment took about 3.5 hours. I was honestly most nervous about the protesters outside but they were peaceful which already me feel better. I signed in and had to be buzzed through security doors before entering the lobby. Once there, I waited about 20 minutes until I was called up to pay and get checked in. They gave me a list going over everything that I would go through today, which was nice because I like to be prepared with these things. I was first called back for an ultrasound where I chose not to hear or see anything just to make it all easier. Then went to labs for a finger prick blood test. Next was with a counselor where we just talked about birth control for after, and how I got to the decision of an abortion. Then talked to a nurse and the doctor that would perform the procedure about general information and any questions I had. I made my next appointment for 3 days later.

The 2nd appointment was a lot less busy then the 1st day — I was there for about 2.5 hours. I went through the same check in process as before then about 30 minutes later then called me back into the patient area. Once there, I changed into the gown and sat in the recovery area where I took antibiotics, anxiety meds and some ibuprofen. About an hour later I was pulled into the room for the procedure. I laid down and started to panic but the nurse with me was so chill about it all that it actually calmed me down a lot.

It started with just an exam then some numbing shots for the cervix, which were a sharp, quick pain, maybe a 5/10. Then the doctor started the suction, which was just like really bad period cramps. At one point it was definitely an 8/10 and I got light-headed, which was probably just my nerves getting the best of me. The whole thing lasted maybe 5 minutes start to finish. I went to recovery after and they immediately asked how I would rate my cramps, which were a 6/10. The nurse gave me some sprite, animal crackers and a heating pad. About 10 minutes later they asked me to rate my pain and at that point it was a 1-2/10. About 10 minutes after I got dressed and went home.

I have a low pain tolerance and was wide-awake, but if I had to make the decision again I would do the procedure all over. It hurts for a second then it’s over and the relief I immediately felt made it worth it. The staff helped put me at such ease that I will probably return to them for general care.

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