Surgical abortion at 9 weeks

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Submitted by Jamie

I’m writing this today because I found reading other women’s stories so helpful, before mine and wanted to share a really positive experience.

I had my abortion today at Planned Parenthood and it couldn’t have gone better. Where I’m located they only do them on Fridays, so I had a two week wait because they were booked out, which made it very emotionally draining on me waiting. I changed my mind multiple times back and forth. I have one child already, and know I cannot provide the means for two. I know we don’t have enough resources/time/finances for two. On the Wednesday before the appointment I was 100% sure I wanted the abortion. I told one very good friend who came over that day and gave me a care package with a heating pad, teddy bear, tea, candles, and bath bombs (for after I was healed). My other support person was my partner and he supported either decision and was amazing during the whole time.

I showed up at Planned Parenthood to a whole lot of protesters. This increased my anxiety and anger at my situation. I checked in and was given a whole ton of paperwork which I completed very quickly, and also let them know I would like an IUC inserted the same day which they were very agreeable to. The staff were incredibly friendly, warm, and kind. I NEVER once felt judged or talked down to. I was called back about 40 minutes after check in and paperwork.

I then was weighed/vitals/hemoglobin checked and confirmed pregnancy. The NP came in and dated the pregnancy. I declined to know anything about the pregnancy including my gestational timeline as long as I was under 10 weeks which I was. She kindly offered me any and all information and didnt judge when I very quickly said no. My partner was allowed back at this time and after the counseling the RN came in for the IV. I chose conscious sedation after being told I could have it. The RN put my IV in, and gave me 800 mg of Iburpofen and an antibiotic.

My partner and I then waited approximately an hour as they finished up with another patient. Then it was very quick, both the nurse practioner and RN came in, got the supplies ready, everything was clean and organized. The nurse practioner checked in with me often about how I was feeling and paused a few times at my request. The dilators hurt quite bad even after receiving the fentanyl and versed., and three numbing shots. The NP scraped around which was not terrible painful but crampy, and then did the vacuum which didnt hurt at all. It was one minute of intense cramps/sharp pain, and it was done. She then did the Paragard insert and I literally felt nothing. She went out of the room, and came back and said I was no longer pregnant. I felt so relieved at this news. I felt a bit dizzy after but no nausea/diarrhea/or horrible cramps like I had heard. I would say the procedure got up to a 6 out 10 (10 being take me to the hospital Im dying) for the one minute, but then I was never above a 3 at any other stages. About 10 minutes after resting with juice I felt maybe a 1/10 with very light cramping and bleeding. My partner drove me home and I took a nap after popping more Iburpofen. I feel no cramping, I have very light bleeding, and I dont feel any negative emotions.

I was so terrified of everything. I had convinced myself it was going to be the worst pain of my life and I would just die, but it was nothing like that. I would choose Planned Parenthood and the surgical 100% over again. They couldn’t have been better to me and my partner and provided more comfort. I felt so supported and cared about all the way to the check out.

Do not let the fear take over for you. It will be so quick. The entire procedure was over in 10 minutes, and I was in the clinic for a total of 5 hours. Best decision I could have made for myself and I don’t regret it at all.

You deserve nonjudgmental
after-abortion support.

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