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The goal of Sharing Our Stories is to let every woman who has had an abortion know that she is not alone. Please join us by posting a message that conveys your support and respect for every woman who has had an abortion. Let’s take a public stand, and together, we can let every woman who has had an abortion know that she is loved. (Each story will be reviewed by a moderator before they go live on the website, and not all stories will be posted. Stories that are selected to appear on the website will be ones that honor wellbeing and display our community values.) See Exhale's Community Guidelines)

  • One day at a time

    As I sit here outside on my patio looking at the computer, "just start typing" I keep telling myself. Today is a perfect day to start, it has rained non stop all week, yet today it is sunny, blue sky, a breeze -- what a gorgeous day. My daughter is playing next to me, not a care in the world, happy and content. Here I am suffering, struggling every day.

    Six months ago I sat in my bathroom staring at a positive pregnancy test, shocked and unable to move. My daughter Lydia was calling my name insisting I come see this toy on T.V. that she really wanted for Christmas, yet I am unable... Read more

  • My Story

    I was 21 years old and going into my junior in college when I had my abortion.

    I worked out all summer because I made the cheerleading team before school got out, so I was very excited to get back. About two weeks before my return I found out I was pregnant. The father was this guy I met on Plenty of Fish - a dating website - and at first he seemed really cool. I thought I really liked him. Over the summer we began a casual relationship and it was all fun and lighthearted until I found out I was pregnant.

    My body just felt different, I knew before I took the test that I was... Read more

  • Healing in High School

    I'm 18 years old and I had my dilation and evacuation (D&E) about a month ago.

    It started when I met a guy at work. He was into me... too into me. I had gotten out of a 3 year relationship and was just so blinded by the fact that someone else wanted me that I was willing to do anything. We started a completely casual, sex fuled relationship. My family didn't know he existed, and I ignored all the negatives about him.

    The third time we officially had sex, the condom broke. He freaked out, asked to be transferred to another work location, blocked me on... Read more

  • Wishing for an Abortion

    I am a male. Twenty-seven years ago, I accidentally got my then-girlfriend pregnant. I strongly lobbied for her to get an abortion; she want to keep it. I threatened to leave her if she didn't. She stood her ground. I stayed, albeit angry and fearful of becoming a father.

    Nine months later, she called from the hospital: I'm in labor, something's wrong, please come quickly. On the drive there, I found myself wishing repeatedly for the baby to die. I got my "wish". The baby died within minutes of birth. The mother remained grief-stricken for months; almost... Read more

  • 9 week surgical abortion-positive experience

    I wanted to share my experience with everyone of my abortion at 9 1/2 weeks, mostly because it was as positive an experience as something like this could be.

    I had decided to do a medical (pill) abortion at first, but then changed my mind. I am very glad I did. At first it seems like swallowing a pill, and then just sitting on the toilet at home would be the least stressful way to do it. But my experience with surgical abortion made me very glad that I didn't choose a way that would have taken hours, if not a full day, and would have put me in pain for much longer.

    ... Read more

  • I chose life... for me

    I have a teenage stepson, a 9yr old son with level 1 Autism and sensory processing disorder, and a 1yr old that seems to be BamBam, Dennis the Menace, and The Hulk all wrapped up into one.

    I had bad pregnancies with both of my boys. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with both, and pre-eclampsia with the youngest. I initially went into labor at 24wks, but I refused to go to the hospital.

    I'm the breadwinner. My family couldn't afford for me to be on bed rest, and I had been ordered to bed rest with the first one. So I continually glossed over my own symptoms throughout... Read more

  • A Choice for the Girl Alone

    Our lives are created by the choices we make and those that are made for us. I don’t want people to read this and feel sorry for me. I made one choice that seems to be the concern of many in this country. I also continue to choose to use Planned Parenthood for my family planning and healthcare. I made a choice given all of my options, and today I still feel choosing abortion was the right choice for me.

    I was a month shy of 16. My mom was a crack-addict serving time in prison, my dad and I were barely on speaking terms. I was living in my mother’s house with her boyfriend, and a... Read more

  • terminated to protect family

    A lightning bolt sears into a tree trunk. It splits and a big part dies; further it infects the part that remains alive.

    I aborted my child at 12 weeks 5 days of pregnancy after learning of multiple infidelities on the part of the father, coupled with a continuation of lies and an inevitable court management of the child's paternal visitation. I have 3 children from my marriage (divorced) and I felt I was being selfish in keeping the child, as I began to only see the father of my unborn child as a threat.

    The father and I had been dating for 4 years and only during the course... Read more

  • Navigating the Waters

    When I was 19, I got pregnant with my long-term boyfriend. I knew right away, even before I missed my period. Who knew a maternal instinct kicked in, even when you weren't ready? I didn't want to tell my family, and instead, he and I tried to navigate the abortion process in a quick and affordable way. I went to planned parenthood and was referred to a clinic where the abortion would take place. I walked into the clinic and quickly realized it was a pro-life center. I was approached by multiple women who wanted to "counsel" me, and I just got up and told them I had to... Read more

  • Sadness, grief, guilt and betrayal

    I had a forced abortion not too long ago. My ex scared me into having an abortion by saying I will be shunned by both of our families and the church. He was not supportive when I spoke to him about the pregnancy nor was he willing to accept the fact that he was going to be a father. Out of pressure, fear and anxiety I had the abortion. I was foolish to believe him and until this very day I cannot sleep at night with my ex walking out of my life and my baby gone. It was a gut wrenching experience and I kept asking God, "Why? Why, is this happening?" I could not even bring myself... Read more



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