Testimonials & Reviews

Exhale was awarded for "Excellence in Nonprofit Volunteer Management" from the Volunteer Center of the Bay Area in 2009. Read about our volunteers’ experiences with Exhale in their own words.

Selected volunteer posts from the Exhale Is Pro-Voice blog:

Volunteers Carolina, Danielle, Erika, and Holly discuss their experience managing Exhale's support programs during a staffing transition, in an interview with Exhale's former Director of Programs in Volunteers Lead the Way at Exhale. Here's what Holly had to say:

Taking leadership within Exhale helped me recognize that I am valuable and have something to give, just by being myself. I also learned that when I really care about something, I can go beyond what I thought my limits were. I care that Exhale thrives because I find it to be so valuable. Taking this leadership position stretched me, and I accomplished more than I thought I could. 

Counselor Nikko Merlander writes about a program evaluation survey she developed and administered in Examining Impact: Surveying Exhale Talkline Callers.

... women are having abortions, and the preliminary results of this survey suggest that the care they need after an abortion is most effective when it is connecting, validating, and empowering... This survey is my way to listen to and honor women’s voices surrounding their abortion experience. I think it demonstrates the power of embodying pro-voice in a way that works for each of us.

Lisa Green shares her experience as a counselor in Taking talkline calls during MTV’s No Easy Decision.

Listening to women on the hotline has seriously changed my life. Simple listening, simple non-judgmental listening, is so powerful and pure.

Nat Okey writes about the significance of the commitment volunteers make as counselors and leaders in Initiative & Resilience: A Volunteer’s View.

As volunteer counselors we create safe and sacred spaces where women and men create their own personal narratives about their abortion experience.  When we volunteer, we commit to hearing every caller’s story, to be with people who are struggling, and to validate their feelings and help them to see and recognize their own inner strengths. 

Volunteers and other Pro-Voice community members discuss: What Does Pro-Voice Mean To You?

Pro-voice means the right, the freedom, and the opportunity to openly share my unique experience, my story, my feelings, and my emotions without criticism and judgment.   

Exhale counselor Susan Lehman is interviewed as the recipient of the 3rd Annual Rachel Falls Compassion Award.

I just want to be there for women and men who are processing any aspect of the abortion experience for themselves. It’s purposeful, and it allows me to spend time with truly extraordinary people. Our callers are phenomenally brave, loving, and generous in spirit, and the Exhale staff and volunteer team are, too! It’s a pleasure to give my time through Exhale.

Exhale volunteers who participated in a digital storytelling workshop discuss The Experience of Creating and Sharing Abortion Stories.

There was a lot of trust among the participants involved in the workshop, and I appreciated the respect and concern that was extended at every juncture, by everyone. I enjoyed the Q & A period [at the screening of the stories] as well. It was very interesting to hear the responses of the observers, and to reflect back on the whole experience after giving it some time to settle in. The screening provided a lot of closure for me, which was an unexpected and delightful bonus to the whole experience.

 And check out our reviews on VolunteerMatch:

I thought the training was absolutely phenomenal- I now have a more thorough understanding of so many things that may come up not only on the talkline but in life (including domestic violence, crisis support, substance abuse, etc.), and have become a increasingly skilled listener and validator. I have been w/ the organization since fall of 2008, and have appreciated the way that my role has developed to fit my life.

Exhale is a 501(c)3 organization (EIN/tax ID: 94-3393719)