Exhale Pro-Voice is the premier organization supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of people after their abortions and their loved ones. Our history began the year 2000, founded by and for people who have had abortions. We provide – and train others in providing – nonjudgmental after-abortion support.

Since our founding, Exhale Pro-Voice has been at the forefront of creating cultural change in how we discuss abortions and emotional wellbeing. We have partnered with the media to shift public dialogue; we have advised advocates on communications strategies; we have supported efforts for new emotional health research; and we have educated medical and mental healthcare providers to increase the quality and availability of nonjudgmental, Pro-Voice after-abortion counseling

The impact of our work is felt by each person who feels wholeheartedly supported after their abortions, and who receives messages of support and respect from the media, political advocates, academic researchers, and medical and mental healthcare providers.

Exhale Pro-Voice was developed through the work of many caring people. Exhale Pro-Voice’s counseling model was first developed by Carolina de Robertis. Throughout our history it has evolved, with significant contributions made by Kristen Shultz Oliver and Danielle Thomas. A number of others have shaped our model, including former volunteers, staff, and allies. We would like to thank Vanissar Tarakali, Danielle Siegel, Susan Lehman, Vicki Breitbart, Jessica Friedman, Amber Dawn Hallet, Lynne Randall, Jill Zawisza, and staff of La Casa de Las Madres in San Francisco.

For her leadership and vision, we give special thanks to Aspen Baker, who first envisioned the possibility of Exhale Pro-Voice and has been a leading innovator of pro-voice practices; as well as the four other women who joined her to launch Exhale Pro-Voice: Anna Goldstein, Carolina de Robertis, Laura Perez, and Susan Chorley.

Exhale Pro-Voice appreciates the many individuals and foundations who have supported the operation and growth of Exhale Pro-Voice’s services, especially the following: Third Wave Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, The Moriah Fund, The Mary Wohlford Foundation, The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, and The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund.