Recent press that mention or feature Exhale Pro-Voice. If you would like to write about Exhale Pro-Voice in your publication, please reach out to our current Board Chair, Rachel Dyer.


2021-2022 Press

How to Have a Medication Abortion: Where to find the pill and what to expect, The Cut

What to know about the dilation and curettage (D and C) procedure, Medical News Today

Exhale – A Pro-voice Network for those who have had an Abortion, Abortion

You Want An Abortion. Your Partner Doesn’t. Here’s How To Navigate It, Elite Daily



The Non-Partisan “Pro-Voice” Abortion Space, Reasons to be Cheerful

5 Common Side Effects Following An Abortion, According To Experts, Romper

On abortion, we need to stop yelling at each other and start listening, NBC News

I had an abortion’: ‘Pro-voice’ replaces judgment with conversation, CNN

Exhale, Wake Forest Magazine

The Spirituality of Abortion, Jewish Community Relations Council

Where pro-life or pro-choice, let’s be provoice, Al Jazeera

Abortion Support Without Politics, Colorlines



Our ‘Pro-Choice’ And ‘Pro-Life’ Labels Aren’t Working. Can We Move Beyond Them?, Think Progress

Women Who Have Had Abortions Take the Lead, HuffPost

When Men Want to Talk About Abortion, The Atlantic

How to Resolve the Abortion Conflict, HuffPost

Common Ground on Abortion, HuffPost

The Moral of My Abortion Story, HuffPost

Post-Abortion Counseling Line Finds Itself on the Firing Line, New York Times

The Abortion Counseling Conundrum, The American Prospect

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