What is Pro-Voice?

Our Pro-Voice approach centers each individual’s unique context, family, culture, and abortion experiences. We follow your lead, hold nuance for you, and support you in tending to your wellbeing in a way that feels best for you. Through this Pro-Voice, abortion-positive approach, we have supported thousands of people over the years! 

Nonjudgmental, supportive, peer Pro-Voice counseling looks like:

  • Valuing your emotional wellbeing and welcoming your full range of emotion after abortions.
  • Approaching you as a whole person, recognizing that many facets of your life are part of your abortion experiences.
  • Respecting and working within your belief systems (religious, spiritual, cultural, social, and political) to support your needs.
  • Working with you as you discover new strategies to support your emotional wellbeing.
  • Reflecting back your strengths so they can be a resource for you as you face challenges, learn, and grow.

Our Community

The Exhale Pro-Voice community is filled with people like you: people who have had abortions and people who care about people who have abortions. There are lots of ways to participate in our community! Here are a few places to start: