Angry as hell?

When abortion is in the news, our talkline recieves an uptick in calls, and our callers express a wide range of feelings about their own abortion experiences and the future of reproductive healthcare in the United States. We are resolved to support everyone’s voices and stories

With the most recent abortion ban passed by the Alabama legislature last night, and now awaiting signature from the Governor, we know that our callers will be affected. And our peer counselors are ready to listen, to validate their feelings, and to provide non-judgmental support.

An abortion ban, a “fetal heartbeat” bill, or a “later term abortion” bill all send a clear message of shame, intending to instill fear in individuals who may be pregnant or considering pregnancy. Exhale’s mission is to end the stigma directed towards people who have abortions and their partners, friends and allies. Although we have made great strides, our work is far from finished.

What can you do?

  1. Let people know about the Exhale talkline.
  2. Start a conversation in your community about abortion. Use our People’s Supper Guide to get started.
  3. Make a donation to Exhale to expand the pro-voice support through extended hours on the talkline or for our new texting platform.
  4. Tell your abortion story through our community blog and/or in an anonymous letter to Alabama State Senators. You can write to them here: 11 S Union St # 738, Montgomery, AL 36130.
  5. Train with us to further support those with abortion experiences, by becoming a talkline counselor or a Pro-Voice Ambassador.