Surgical Abortion with Local Anesthesia

Submitted by: Ciera

So I am 23 years old, and I found out I was pregnant by a guy who was not my boyfriend whom I just started having sex with, only one a half months prior.

I was in shock when I looked at the stick and the words read pregnant. I found out so early in the pregnancy that the clinic said I needed to wait an additional 3 weeks until I could come in for the procedure. During those three weeks I cried a little and contemplated keeping it. I knew I wanted a better life for it than what I could give at the moment, so I went through with scheduling the appointment.

The day finally came, and the guy I was pregnant by was my driver for after the procedure. It was a long 7 hour wait for a 2 minute long procedure. everything became real when they locked my legs into the stirrups. I remember clenching and the doctor telling me to try and relax. I would’ve done general anesthesia but I have a fear of being put to sleep and not waking back up. The procedure was very quick, but the worst part was the vacuum (probably would rate this an 8). That was painful for me and I don’t take pain well at all. The numbing injections didn’t feel good either, but they weren’t painful.

Afterwards, they put a heating pad on my tummy and I ate crackers and juice. The cramps were gone in about 10 minutes, and today is the following day and I feel fine. No cramping at all. If you’re scared, just know YOU GOT THIS and you have a choice in what happens to YOUR body. <3

You deserveĀ nonjudgmental
after-abortion support.

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