3rd Abortion

Submitted by: K. T.

I just had my 3rd abortion. I had one in college in 2008, one after I had my first baby in 2010, then just recently. I’m very embarrassed that this is my third time. But, we are all human and I don’t think that I or anyone should beat themselves up for it.

As far as my experiences, the first two I was under GA and I woke up feeling weird and vomited from the anesthesia, but then I quickly got my strength back went home, had a regular period like flow and went back to cleaning and doing homework like normal. This last one I received the vacuum suction without GA, you don’t need it unless you want it. The feeling was not good lol, but it doesn’t last long. They gave me local anesthesia in my cervix to dilate it. That was a little painful but mostly a weird feeling all over my body that I didn’t like. That feeling wares off pretty quickly but that was really the worst of it because the actual procedure was like 5 minutes. I felt the needles, then a few tugs, that was it. It’s a very short process either way and definitely nothing to be afraid of. Just remember it’s fast and it will be over soon. I hope this helps!

You deserve nonjudgmental
after-abortion support.

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