9 days of Being Pregnant

Submitted by: Surahbi S

So, finally after getting two packs of pregnancy tests and 3 days ahead of my period, on 27th nov 2019 I gathered the courage in the morning to check the results.

Yes it’s positive!!!

And evoked a lot of negative emotions for us… “No we are not ready, not at all..” was the first thought. Then I started loving being pregnant… but my better half did not…

Two of my best friends dreamt of me being pregnant the very same month… And yes their dream came true.

I started feeling the motherhood …I felt I was more careful.

Bought a number of things for me and for my baby — fruits and what not… I stopped drinking tea so that my baby will not have any caffeine… I walked slowly for no reason.

Thousands and lakhs of emotions got attached with the event. And no one was there to share the moment..

I felt the tightness in breast …cramps in my belly …a little morning sickness.

Ordered bio oil to keep the stretch marks away, and I paid more attention to what I listened to and what I watch.

I cried my heart out a number of times.

After a lot of pondering and some discussion, we decided to end the pregnancy. My baby (I will not call him/her with any medical name) was 0.7 cms and I stopped the growth by taking pills on 5th december 2019.

Yes only for 9 days I was pregnant.

But learned a lot about simple thing called “life”. I hope next time comes soon and my lost baby comes again and brings lot of happiness to everyone’s face.

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