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Note: The Exhale Pro-Voice After-Abortion Stories Hub includes people’s stories of their experiences and emotions, exactly as they have written them in. We do not edit these stories at all, and the content that follows this message is exactly as we received it. We know that people’s experiences are complex, and these stories reflect the many emotions they may be feeling after their abortions. From relief to grief, and everything in between, and all at the same time, we’re here for you.

Exhale Pro-Voice is proud to announce our first annual fund-a-thon! 

Exhale Pro-Voice is the premier, organization in the United States and Canada supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of people after their abortions. Additionally, we also support the partners, parents, family members, and friends of people who have abortion experiences. 

As an entirely volunteer-led organization that runs a textline after standard working hours, we are limited in our ability to meet the 24/7 needs of post-abortion support. 

In light of the most recent rollback of abortion protections, we are already seeing an increase of folks who need a safe place to process their abortion experiences. Your participation in our fund-a-thon will ensure that we are able to meet the increased needs of our community.

What’s a fund-a-thon?

Exhale’s current fund-a-thon is a collaborative effort for community members to work together to raise money for our After-Abortion Textline. You can join in on the fun starting now through the end of our fund-a-thon, September 21st.

In light of the most recent rollback of abortion protections, your participation in our fund-a-thon will ensure that we are able to meet the increased needs of our community.

Why does Exhale need to raise funds?

We’ve gotten an increasing amount of exposure since the Supreme Court’s recent decision. The current dialogue around abortion has been upsetting to many and people’s journey to access abortions has suddenly become much more difficult. We have consistently seen a 250% increase in texts since the Dobbs decision. Many individuals and organizations list us as a resource for folks, including the APA, and are encouraging people to donate to abortion access funds across the country.

While it is important to us that we reach as many people as possible with our services and for people to access their abortions, we too need to build out our infrastructure to match this increased need for post-abortion support. 

I’m ready to help – what are the steps?

  1. Create a goal of how much money you’d like to raise.
  2. Make a plan to raise money – this can be a bake sale, email/text campaign, crafting for a cause, walk for a cause, and more!
  3. Reach out to your network – family, friends, and social media circle.
  4. Set up your Classy page.

I’m ready to create a Classy page, tell me more!

  1. Head to:
  2. Click the “Become A Fundraiser” button. 
  3. Set up your account.
  4. Personalize your fundraising page.
  5. Send folks your fundraising page and instruct them to contribute through the “Donate” button.

I’m not quite ready to be a fundraiser–how do I donate?

  1. Head to:
  2. Click the “Donate Now” button.
  3. Maximize your contribution by becoming a monthly donor!

I have questions! Help, please!

We are more than happy to help you on your fundraising journey. Please email us at and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

We are so thankful for our community’s support. We could not provide non-judgmental support to so many people if it was not for you all. 

You deserve nonjudgmental
after-abortion support.

Text Exhale Pro-Voice:


Our confidential textline is available in the US and Canada and is staffed during the following hours:

Weekdays: 3 pm-9 pm (Pacific Time)
Saturdays: 1 pm-9 pm (Pacific Time)
Sundays: 3 pm-7 pm (Pacific Time)

Se habla español.
Due to high text volume, please expect a response within 24 hours.

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