D&C Abortion at 9 Weeks

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Anonymous Submission

I had a surgical abortion at 9 weeks two days gestation. The process was very straightforward and simple. I called Planned Parenthood on a Wednesday and they had my “first appointment” scheduled the following Tuesday. When I showed up for the first appointment the wait was 45 minutes, they did some standard questionnaire paperwork, similar to any other Doctor’s appointment. After checking in and paying $115, they did a short pelvic exam which was a vaginal ultrasound. I live in Texas, the laws for abortion are rather strict here. Texas law demanded that during my first appointment the Doctor show me the ultrasound, a diagram of fetal development at the stage in pregnancy I am at, as well as it’s mandatory that I had to listen to a small sample of my embryo’s heart beat. The Doctor was very friendly, straightforward, helpful, gentle and informative. After this they schedule my “second appointment,” for the actual D&C surgical abortion procedure on the following Friday. In Texas there’s a mandatory 24 hour waiting period between the first and second appointment.

The procedure itself was not that bad. I read several stories on the internet that said it’d take a minimum of 10-15 minutes for the procedure. I paid $285, I received a discount for my financial hardship and testing Rh positive. I had to wait In waiting room about 1 hour, then they checked my Rh type, gave me an antibiotic and a pill for anti nausea. I then waited 1 more hour to be checked into the surgical ward, where they de-robed me and discussed my sedation options. I waited about 30 minutes, then they lead me into the operation room, took my blood pressure, gave me an IV injection to make me sleepy. I was not entirety asleep, but I was very loopy and slightly incapacitated. The nurses and the Doctor were all very gentle and caring. The nurse observing my heart rate and sedatives was very careful to comfort me as they all noted my nervousness and anxiety. I’m not a tough girl, I faint at the sight of blood and needles. I have a very low pain threshold. The sedative made me not really care about the pain. It didn’t really numb me at all. The only pain relief I received was a shot or two to my cervix to numb it so that the dialation wouldn’t hurt. The only pains I felt were the shots and a sort of tearing or ripping sensation as he swiped the curette around my womb through the opening of my vagina. This was not even very painful, it wasn’t even as bad as my menstrual cramps. After the dialation and scraping, the Doctor softly informed me everything was alright, And then I felt another slight movement and heard two “whooshing” noises, which was the suction. I was staring at a clock on the wall through the entire procedure. The dialation, scraping and vacuum lasted under 5 minutes. To my suprise I experienced minimal amounts of pain and it was over quickly. Recovery lasted for barely an hour. I would’ve left sooner if I hadn’t been so loopy from the sedative shots.

In the hours following the procedure, The day after and today I had barely any pink discharge on my pad. I have not bled much, passed barely any bright red blood. Its mainly just pink spotting. The Saturday following my Friday procedure I returned to work. Mind you, my work is light. I had a few twinges of pain and soreness after, and nothing yet (as I am typing this it’s been two days since.) I’ve just kept up with my 600mg of Ibuprofen every 8-10 hours. Planned Parenthood scheduled me for a third follow-up appointment which will be $15 and they also included a packet of birth control for a small charge of $10 to me.

I have a very low pain threshold, I have an anxiety disorder, I was sad about being financially unable to begin my family. I assure you that it’s not as bad as all the internet horror stories make it out to be. Of course it’s healthy to feel a bit of guilt or experience grief, but just make sure it is your own decision and it is the right one for you. Planned Parenthood’s staff were all understanding, helpful, friendly and informative. They actually made me feel cared for and valued as a human being having to make some tough choices in life. If you are making this decision, dood luck! Don’t worry about pain, it’s not too bad.

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19 responses to “D&C Abortion at 9 Weeks”

  1. Omowunmi

    I’m 8weeks pregnant now and I want to have abortion because the guy responsible for it he’s not ready and don’t know what to do. Pls you guys should advice me I’m not happy about it right now.

    1. Katarina

      Hi I am in the same situation. 9 weeks today and I have been back and forth on whether I want to go through with an abortion or keep the baby. It’s very difficult as my partner isn’t as supportive as my family or friends. I hope the best for you and will keep you in my prayers!

  2. Julia

    I have been feeling the same away after my abortion I was 9 weeks and for me it was painful, I was crying during and after. it felt terrible the cramps were extremely strong I almost fainted on the table. I will never be having an abortion again, it was the worst experience of my life and the what if’s haunt me as well.

  3. Sara

    If this can help just one person…I am 34 with 2 kids and I had an abortion when I was 17. My parents said I ruinedy life and everyone else’s so I was between a rock and hard place. I wish I would have kept my baby, because I have dealt with many years of counseling and depression because of that decision. I have asked God for forgiveness, and I do believe that God created life and it’s not meant for us to take it away. Being a mother is scary, and you’re never ready, but it forces you to grow up and be responsible. Just please realize that for many women, it doesn’t just “go away” after the abortion, but it haunts us forever with the “what ifs”

    1. Julia

      I have been feeling the same away after my abortion I was 9 weeks and for me it was painful, I was crying during and after. it felt terrible the cramps were extremely strong I almost fainted on the table. I will never be having an abortion again, it was the worst experience of my life and the what if’s haunt me as well.

  4. Alize

    Hi I’m 9 weeks pregnant I’m 20 years old , I’m really confused on what I want to do. This has to be the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. It has its pros and cons I’m terrified I won’t be good at being mom I’m scared I’ll fail my kid . I always told myself I’ll never get an abortion I’ll own up to my responsibilities but it’s hard I’ll really to get feedback on what you guys think to ease my mind

  5. Anonymous

    Hi i am a single mother of 3. I had an abortion in the past because i just had a kid at 16 and i had just turned 18. I knew it was gonna be too much on me and i had the money for the procedure. It was rough but i got through it. But when i turned 19 i got pregnant again by a man who wanted me to have this baby as did i. But he turned out to be a dead beat and my daughter is 17 only to have seen him about a dozen times in her life. Then i was 23 when i had my last child whos dad is also nothing and hes met him 3 times in 14 yrs. Which he is fine with he dont want to see him anyways. My children arent young anymore but they appreciate all that i have done for them and still do. Where im getting at is if he dont want u to have it and you want it then do what u want to do. Yes its not the greatest for the child to have an absent parent but if you want it and if u give your all for that child they will see it as they grow up and give you the most respect. But if ur not ready urself or dont want to raise the baby by urself u can always help someone who cant have a baby or go along with the abortion and maybe work on having a baby when things are better. But dont make ur decision on what anyone else wants but u. This may affect u hard if its not what u want or feel u need. No matter what u decide ur not wrong ur only human and there r support groups for this. Dont feel ashamed of needing to talk to someone cause some of them know exactly what ur going through and may be able to help u before u make a decision that u might regret. Also being a parent is not easy it costs alot of money and takes up most of ur time. But being a single parent has made me strong as hell. I take pride in being a single mom and not needing there deadbeats for anything. Not even money done it all the way. I hope this helps with ur decision good luck . And if u have ur whole life ahead of u still (like if ur in school) or want to travel the world holding back for a while does not make u a bad person.i know i repeated stuff but im tired and just wanted to try and help.

  6. Adura

    Hello, just checking in to see if anyone is still on here with this topic. I am scheduled to do mine on Thursday and not sure if I’m making the right choice. I’ve tried going to a clinic and was too distraught so left. Booked my second one and they refused to do it after they gave me anaesthetic because I guess I was too distraught. I am not 100% and tbh really just doing it for the guy.. I’d love to keep it but don’t know if I’m being selfish wanting to keep it.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi there I just happened to come across your question. I’m sorry no one has answered you but I’m more than happy to talk to you having had personal experience being in your shoes as well as being pro choice. It’s never an easy decision to make but like the original poster said it has to be your decision. You will be the one who copes with all that both options carry. I’m happy to talk with you more in depth if you still need someone to talk to respond and we can find a way to communicate. I’m on the way out the door at the moment and can’t go into as much depth as I’d like to. So I’ll leave you with just stay strong and don’t rush into a decision you aren’t certain of just yet.

    2. Sara

      I had this procedure done . You need to make sure this the choice YOU want no one can force you or guilt you into it.

    3. Ang

      Praying for each of you. I had an abortion at age 19 while a sophomore in college. I live with it everyday. I lie about it when my doctor asks how many pregnancies I have had. I say 2, when the truth is I had three. Two are alive and beautiful healthy teens and one is waiting for me in heaven. Really think and pray about your decision. I say this with love to you ❤️

    4. Hi im 8 weeks pregnant..im a mother of 3 one 14,8, 14 months…This pregnancy is from another partner i only been with for a year…i feel overwhelmed already wirh my lil baby and i tried talking to my partner about it he got upset and told me if i had an abortion i would regret it for the rest of my life and then he mention he wouldn’t care about going back to jail…so i feel like he threaten me….im not happy with my pregnancy and i feel that things will not get any easier….do i make a police report about my partners words towards me? Im not planing to continue with my pregnancy but im scared…

  7. Lexi

    Mine is tmm I’m so scared this eased me a little

  8. I’m having mine today and I am so scared of what I will go through. I stay alone due to work and very far from my people.
    I’m very scared and already feeling terrible guilt.
    I wish I was financially stable to just keep the child and care for it.

    1. Anonymous

      I happened to see your post. I hope you did ok. I had two abortions when I was 20 and 27. I Am now 60. Please let me know if i can help you in any way or answer any questions /concerns/ guilt. 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        I’d love to know or get advise. I just found out I’m pregnant. My boyfriend and I aren’t ready at all. I’m 27 but I feel guilty that at this age, I should feel ready but im not. Went to the gynae and got a scan. But I’m still 50/50 about it. My only worry is, the guilt afterwards. I don’t want to give a child an environment that won’t emotionally support it.

        1. anonymous

          I had an abortion at 25 and felt the same. I wanted to be happy about it but instead all I could think about was how this wasn’t how I wanted things to go. A decade later, I finally feel free from the guilt and shame I’ve lived with. Now that I’ve had kids, I realize that you never are really ready for the life-altering reality of being a parent. As much as I eagerly anticipated getting pregnant when I got married, my first was incredibly hard and I had post-partum depression and really struggled for the first 8 months of his life. I had thought I was ready, but it was so hard. Pregnancy is almost 10 months for a reason. You need that time to prepare yourself for being a parent. At the time of my abortion, I honestly believed it was the best thing I could do for the child – to not bring it into the mess of my life. That said, I stand in awe of the women who were/are able to make the choice I couldn’t – to have their baby. Only you can decide what you can offer a child, but fear is never a good motivator. Fear will wrap you up in itself until you can’t see anything else. While being a parent is hard, it has also been one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced. I’m praying for you right now – that you will receive peace s0 you can make a decision from a deep presence of heart and not out of fear.

          1. B

            I’m 39 and found out that I am 7 weeks along. He wants me to abort because it’s not what he wants and we are co- workers. I have no children and I’m soo scared of what’s to come. I can’t decide..

    2. Elisa

      It’s okay to feel sad and guilty, your emotions are valid, but please make sure you have someone to talk to and don’t listen to the hate. And don’t isolate yourself. I made the mistake of never talking about it with a trusted person and it ate away at me for years until I finally told someone. The best thing that this person told me was, “Know that you are doing the best you can with the tools your given. And if you had the resources to have done differently, you would have.” You are loved and cherished and are doing the best that you can.

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