Submitted by: Kelly S.

Hi all I suffered from HG with all my pregnancies. I have 3 kids and this would have been my 4th. But due to HG this go around also, I had an abortion at 6wks 5 days I couldn’t deal with all the spitting and throwing up. When I say everything I mean everything made me feel sick. My husband doesn’t support abortions but he told me he understood and that if I choose an abortion he won’t be mad. Now after the abortion he won’t talk to me and is now wanting to leave the relationship. This pregnancy was planned but I could stomach the thought of being sick for 9 months like I was with my other 3 kids. I do regret having an abortion because now I feel like I should have given my body more time to adjust.

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  1. Kathleen

    Thank you for sharing this. How are you doing? I have 3 kids and as soon as the nausea and sickness kicked in, I went to a very dark place which ultimately led to termination. I did not have HG and can only imagine the horrors of that. The fact that you were strong enough to do that for 3 pregnancies is astounding. It seems like your wisdom and self-love really kicked in this time around and you knew you had to make this decision for self-preservation. How are you and your husband doing? Sending love.

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